Casey Stoner: Elbow Down a Great Success

We are pleased to announce that all available copies of Casey Stoner: Elbow Down have been shipped and the edition is now SOLD OUT.

We regret that we were not able to supply a copy to everyone who requested one. Limiting the edition to 27 copies as a tribute to Casey Stoner meant that unfortunately, there were not enough copies to go around. A heartfdelt thanks to all who got their orders in early, and especially to those who have called or emailed since receiving their copies too compliment the edition and express their gratitude for the opportunity to own this unique collectable item.

It may interest you to learn that the edition was first announced in the PHOTO.GP/Scott Jones Photography Newsletter, giving those who follow Scott’s adventures and work in this free email advance notice and opportunity to order. It was a week or so later that the edition was announced on our Facebook pages and Scott’s Twitter account, and a week after that that the news was released on various web sites that feature Scott’s work. By that time, most of the edition was gone, with copies 1-5 and 27 being among the first to be ordered and shipped.

Scott is currently talking to Casey about another limited edition, among other possible projects, and once again, first notice of whatever comes from those talks will be announced first in the newsletter.

We invite you to sign up via this link to follow Scott’s work both in motor sports and nature photography, as well as to receive first notifications of special editions such as Casey Stoner: Elbow Down.