May 22, 2009

Mommy, isn’t that Grandma in that advertisement?

Just ran across another photo sharing site called Phanfare, sent as a link to some photos from a school function a few weeks ago. After viewing the photos, I had a look at the Phanfare Terms of Service, and sure enough, following Facebook’s example, Phanfare takes rights to any content its users post:  “When you […]

May 21, 2009

That Drobo Feeling…

I’ve been using a Drobo for several months now and overall am very pleased with it. Most of the things I’d heard about it before I decided to buy are spot on, and its many benefits are both useful and have removed one of many sources of anxiety in my life, worry about sudden disk failure and […]

May 15, 2009

Moon Over Coit Tower

In January I’d gone out to Pigeon Point to shoot the lighthouse, only to discover that they close the tunnel and the bridge in the middle of the afternoon. I hung out on the coast and got a couple of sunset shots I liked, then came back toward the city through that one lane tunnel that […]