Landscape Stories

Light Painting

A few months ago I enjoyed a day with Dave Black, a veteran sports photographer, as he gave a small seminar on lighting techniques. Dave is quite an amazing photographer, not only for the breadth of his sports coverage, but also for his expertise in lighting spaces that you might think could not be done […]

It’s Okay

My nearly six-year-old daughter wanted to come with daddy last night to photograph the sunset here at Lake Tahoe. We’d scouted the location at mid-day, which is highly recommended compared to trying to find your way over rough terrain by starlight. For some school project in kindergarten, E’s teacher had introduced the Field Journal as […]

Twisted Pine with Star Trails

It seems to take several comments from friends about how I have’t posted on my blog for a while to move me to do so. Got another last night via Facebook, so here’s what happened when I ventured into the frigid wilderness. North Lake Tahoe is in that “shoulder” season between the warmer weather and […]

Milky Way Over Lake Tahoe

Last night after the sun had gone down, the sky was so clear you could see the gases of the Milky Way even with the light pollution from the town here on Lake Tahoe’s north shore. I took a short drive to the east side of the lake where it is properly dark, and made […]

Sunrise, La’ie Point

My daughter and I got up at 5:30 this morning to drive up the coast of Oahu about 10 miles to La’ie Point. She sat in the car and played a game on my iPhone while I set up and marveled at the light rays as the sun rose above the horizon. When the scene […]

Resting Turtle

After a big dinner here on Oahu’s North Shore, the extended family went on to look for the locals’ favorite shave ice place, while the photo nerd chose not to waste one of a handful of sunset opportunities and passed on the famed syrupy coldness. I jumped in the rented (insert non-sensical and unpronounceable VW […]

When All Else Fails…

You can always rely on Tunnel View for a great Yosemite photo, right? Well, not always, as it turns out. Even the perspective on Yosemite Valley that Tunnel View offers can be rendered fairly un-photogenic by bad light. Sorry, but even this old faithful spot is subject to the same weakness as every other spot […]

Cathedral Rocks

This image of Cathedral Rocks in Yosemite Valley is interesting to me because it has become one of my favorite photographs of the trip, and I almost didn’t bother to get out of the car to take it. We had spent the morning camped on the shore of the Merced River, waiting for the sunlight […]

From Salt Lake to Mono Lake

Going back in time a bit, here is a post I wrote as we arrived in Yosemite on June 7th. Trading Armco and asphalt and granite and waterfalls, I’ve moved from the racetrack to Yosemite for the week. The late summer and recent snows mean that the waterfalls in the valley should be in full […]

Milky Way over Mono Lake

A proper landscape photo trip is something like a marathon, an endurance test to determine how badly you want the chance for another good image. This test is easier to pass at the beginning of the tip, before consecutive nights of 3-4 hours of sleep have caught up with you. Related Images: