Nicky Hayden Custom Signatures

Update, December 2013

The deadline for this offer has passed. If we do this again, it’ll be announced first in our Newsletter.

In mid-December, I will meet with Nicky to present a small number of custom prints made from images in the PHOTO.GP archive, each to be signed specifically for that customer. Instead of a generic Nicky Hayden signature, each item in this special group of prints will be signed directly to the buyer, as shown in the example above.

This is a very special opportunity that has been particularly meaningful for those who’ve taken advantage of it. I’ve received some fantastic calls from customers for whom having such a special item on their walls has meant a special connection to a favorite rider.

I suspect it’s the kind of thing you can imagine, but until you have the finished piece before your eyes, knowing that (in this case) Nicky put his hands on it and signed it personally to you, it doesn’t really sink in how special, how unique, that finished piece is.

Unique isn’t an exaggeration: to date we’ve only had a couple instances of customers choosing the same image, and in each of those cases, the format and/or size of the print has been different. So each print, whether on canvas or lustre or matte paper, whether mounted or not, whether framed or on a piece of metal, has been one of a kind, created and then signed by the rider for the person who ordered it.

We’ve added more images of Nick since the last custom signature opportunity, and his gallery at PHOTO.GP now offers over 200 images from which to choose.

Orders must be finalized soon to allow for the extra logistics involved in bringing this unique opportunity to you. So please inquire now.

If you’re a serious Nicky Hayden fan, CLICK HERE to browse the Nicky Hayden Gallery on PHOTO.GP to find the image that’s just right for you. If you want more details or to inquire about size and pricing options, please click here to contact Scott.