Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

How long did it take to make this photograph? About two hours last night to get it just right, plus several trips over the past year to find the right location and perspective, four evenings in the past two weeks waiting for the sky to be perfectly clear, and several months waiting for the above […]


A Star On Top

For the first time in quite a while this photographer actually make some photographs last night. For months now, work for me has been about producing the MotoMatters calendar and our “Fast Things” t-shirt, printing landscape images for display in one of the Northstar at Tahoe shops, and filling orders for the Rossi glowing brakes […]


Going Wide

A friend on Facebook just asked me for advice about wide angle lenses, and rather than relay what I know to another individual, I thought I’d post here for him and anyone else who’d like to hear my thoughts. My experience is based on having owned the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Nikkor Wide Angle […]


From Salt Lake to Mono Lake

Going back in time a bit, here is a post I wrote as we arrived in Yosemite on June 7th. Trading Armco and asphalt and granite and waterfalls, I’ve moved from the racetrack to Yosemite for the week. The late summer and recent snows mean that the waterfalls in the valley should be in full […]


Milky Way over Mono Lake

A proper landscape photo trip is something like a marathon, an endurance test to determine how badly you want the chance for another good image. This test is easier to pass at the beginning of the tip, before consecutive nights of 3-4 hours of sleep have caught up with you. Related Images:


Yosemite Valley from Sentinel Dome

When I was in graduate school one of my professors said something like, “The thing about Shakespeare is that in spite of all the people who say how great he is, he really is pretty good.” I was reminded of this comment at one point last week as I was thinking that Yosemite is the […]


There’s a storm brewin’

These spring snow storms I mentioned last time can come in pretty quickly. On Saturday evening I was on the east shore of Lake Tahoe hoping for something amazing to photograph and was pleased, at first, to see a snow storm coming down over the mountains and heading right for me. It’s not every day […]


Fire In The Desert

The story of Rossi’s glowing brake discs For a year I had a unique photograph. As far as I could tell, after searching everywhere I could think of, I was the only one who’d gone to the entrance of Turn 1 at Losail in 2009 and captured the glowing brakes as the MotoGP riders as […]


Canon to Nikon to Canon

The arrival of another child and the desire for photos without bringing a large DSLR and flash everywhere you find a newborn during the first week of her life meant that a point and shoot was needed in my camera bag. I’ve been watching a couple of models for a long time and finally picked […]


Venga la tormenta

On Thursday I went looking for another local point of interest in the Lake Tahoe area, the famed Bonsai Rock, which rests on the eastern shore of the lake, just below Sand Harbor. Someone on Flickr had posted the location of the rock, but actually getting to the spot was a bit of a challenge. […]