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Push It Forward

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing for the first time the film Kilo, which I was fortunate to be involved in when it was in production in August of last year. Kilo debuted in December at the Mammoth Film Festival, but I was unable to make the trip. So I was happy to […]

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Something Like Life

I spent a couple of hours on Saturday back on the set of Kilo as it neared the completion of shooting. It was a bit melancholy for me, knowing that the project was about to move to the next stage, post-production, where there would be no need of stills, and thus, no need for me […]

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Had a real treat yesterday, having been invited to a movie set by some friends who are working on their independent film, Kilo. This project is a kind of follow up to the Film Racing winner, Sweep, which, like the other films in this national contest, was produced in 24 hours. Rather than retell the […]

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