A Star On Top

For the first time in quite a while this photographer actually make some photographs last night. For months now, work for me has been about producing the MotoMatters calendar and our “Fast Things” t-shirt, printing landscape images for display in one of the Northstar at Tahoe shops, and filling orders for the Rossi glowing brakes […]


Risky Business

The other day I noticed a pretty good break beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, so I thought I’d put my B + W #110 ND filter to use to soften the water as it broke on the rocks. The fog was also moving nicely as is passed through the north tower. The surf happened to […]


Once more, with feeling!

 Last fog image for a while. Maybe. Info, same as below, but 110 seconds, F/9, 70mm.


Tucked In For The Night

Another amazing instance of fog last evening, but this time it covered pretty much the entire view from Grizzly Peak. I arrived just before the sun disappeared and found the blanket of thick fog covering all three bridges, and pretty much everything else below my lofty perch. In the distance only the top of Sutro […]


Glowing Fog

Another image from the amazing fog the other night. Where the fog moved over lights from the city, it glowed eerily…


Rising Tide

When shooting landscapes here in the Bay Area, I’m usually in San Francisco wishing I lived there so I could respond quickly to changing weather. I often see what look like interesting conditions from Oakland, but don’t have time to get across the bridge and into position; the light and conditions change too quickly for […]



While looking for light in the stormy sky yesterday, we happened to stop by the harbor adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Baker to see what we might see. I noticed this old MG wrapped up in a colorful tarp. I used the Nikon 14-24mm wide angle both for some perspective and to […]


Amazing Light

Yesterday I’d seen several views of the Golden Gate Bridge with a fantastic wave of fog rolling in, obscuring the bridge itself but low enough that the towers were peeking through, and hoped it would last until I could head over there in the evening. By the time I got moving across the Bay Bridge, […]


Winter Sunrise

Sunrise this morning was at 6:04 AM, which means that to get the shot above at this time of year, I’d have to be in position and ready to go at 5 AM, and since it takes me a good hour to get from home to this spot, I’d need to get up at 4AM. […]


Moon Over Coit Tower

On January 12, 2009, I’d gone out to Pigeon Point to shoot the lighthouse, only to discover that they close the tunnel and the bridge in the middle of the¬†afternoon. I hung out on the coast and got a couple of sunset shots I liked, then came back toward the city through that one lane […]