Got my (Cal Crutchlow custom-signed print) today, it arrived in perfect shape. I love it, just fantastic! Thank you for opportunity to purchase this, I can’t wait to get it framed and up on the wall.
– J. Conklin, Maryland, USA


I just got home from work and the (Cal Crutchlow custom-signed print) was here, it is absolutely awesome and perfect! I can not thank you enough for everything! If I get to another GP and you are there I would love to buy you a drink, thank you again.
– S. Snyder, Pennsylvania, USA

The pictures arrived today………I’m delighted with them. Nicky and Kenny have found a place on the study wall, my 1st London Marathon medal had to make way for Nick. Casey is currently residing on top of the book case whilst I decide how to frame it. It is such an iconic image, I am very proud to have that.
– D. White, Cheshire, U.K.


Cheers Scott, Your shots of Casey Stoner and Hector Barbera’s “Blue Fire” Aspar Ducati look great beside my 2010 Poster.
– J. Hutchinson, Meath, Ireland


I love, love, love the prints! My only dilemma is whether to hang them in my office or at home…either way, it’s a great problem to have. Can’t thank you enough! You are the best!
– S. Witmer, Pennsylvania, USA

Your Stoner photo is getting positive reactions from everyone who has visited. The majority of my mates swear when they see it! General consensus is that it’s the best photo ever. THANK YOU!
– S. Cooke, Hertfordshire, U.K.


Love love love the pic scott!….but somehow I knew I would…crisp..omg!…see [the rider’s] face and all…I am just SOOOO happy with it!….thanks a mint!
– M. Cook, Tennessee, U.S.A.



Scott’s professionalism, customer service and EXCELLENT photographic work far exceeded our expectations. Scott’s follow up, willingness to accommodate and pricing were nothing short of amazing! Thank you again, Scott.
– Don P., Ohio, U.S.A.


We just hung the prints you sent and we’re super pleased with the results; we love them and so does everyone that sees them. Having some of our favorite places be a part of our daily lives is really great, especially when living 10,000 kilometers away from them.
– L. Padilla, Pamplona, Spain



I have had the joy of seeing Scott Jones’s photography in a couple of different formats, and featuring widely diverse subject matter. From motorcycle racing, to candid photos of children at play, Scott is able to find the essence of each of his subjects and brings their energy to the viewer’s delight. I was a privileged recipient of a memory book Scott created for the staff of our school. Each child’s photo was taken and put into a book along with their quotes about each of their teachers. The concept and formatting were most professional but the photos themselves were beyond masterful. Each child’s core qualities and unique expressions were captured on every page. It was a true work of art which could rival any of the best photographic exhibits I have seen. Scott Jones is a consummate professional with a highly refined eye for his craft. If you are looking for the best you need to look no further.
– M. Rosenblum, Oakland, U.S.A.



Again, outstanding job! Especially given what we brought in. Big hit in Toronto and San Francisco!
– D. Lubowe, Pricewaterhouse Coopers



Dal Poggetto & Company LLP, Certified Public Accountants, was formed in 1992 in Santa Rosa, California. Since the Firm’s inception, we have utilized the services of Scott Jones and Metro Media. Scott facilitates the purchasing of our Firm’s printed materials, helped develop our Firm’s logo and assists us in supplying both print and electronic versions of our collateral for publicity and promotional needs. We would not hesitate in recommending Scott’s services because of his personal attention to detail and the professional products he develops.
– Jon Dal Poggetto, Santa Rosa, U.S.A.


Christmas came early at our house. I felt like a little kid as I picked up the box from Canada Post, and I was amazed when I opened it. The Rossi pic is fantastic, top quality for sure! The box came in perfect condition, and all the contents were tucked away so nicely. Thanks again for the great treasure, we will have this on the wall forever. Take care Scott, thanks again!
– A. Beer, Edmonton, Canada


Just got the print and it is awesome.

I’ve been riding for about 12 years now and teaching for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for 10. Of course you couldn’t have watched MotoGP in the last decade without being awed by Valentino Rossi, so like many I became a fan.

In 2005 I was fortunate enough to attend the MotoGP at Laguna Seca and while unable to get an autograph from Valentino, I did get to meet many of the riders and meet several of the greats. Doohan, Shwantz, Lawson, Rainey, etc. I left the event thinking I’d reached a peak that could never be matched, I was wrong.

I have many tattoos and around this time I added “THE DOCTOR” to my lower back in the same style and place it is on Vale’s leathers. My wife and I returned to the GP in 2006 and this time, with some help from my tattoo, I was able to meet Valentino and actually had him sign my back which I promptly had tattooed permanent at a local shop in Monterey. Again I left the event thinking I had reached a peak that could never be equaled.

One again we returned in 2007, getting many autographs and photos as well as having Vale sign my VR46 replica helmet. In 2008 we decided to switch to Indy, but as you know the weather was terrible and other than Rossi winning the race there wasn’t much excitement. In 2009 I was given the opportunity through a fellow MSF instructor to work as a flag marshal at the event. It was a memorable event for me to graduate from just a fan to someone who got to be part of the crew.

This year I once again returned to Indy to work as a flag marshal, but on Saturday morning I was asked by a supervisor from the recovery group if I would help out so they could relocate one of their guys. Of course I agreed, finally a chance to actually run out and help a rider pick up his bike and get moving again.
About 30 minutes after I was asked Valentino fell in my turn and you got the photograph.

Again, at that moment I felt I had reached a peak that can not be surpassed. To date it was the best MotoGP experience I’ve had, and I’ve been fortunate to have many.

Your photograph immortalizes this experience for me, and I can’t thank you enough for taking the picture and not forgetting me.
– C. McKee, Illinois, U.S.A.