What’s Safer Than an Airbag?


When I was flying from Frankfurt to Doha, Qatar, I met two Italian members of the Clinica Mobile, the M*A*S*H unit of MotoGP. These guys travel to each race to tend to any injuries the riders suffer during the weekend. We talked about many things, one of which was their experience treating rookie MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli, who had crashed heavily in testing not long before the season opener. Sic (as he is known, due to the TV coverage’s abbreviation of his name for the on-screen graphics) had hit his head in the crash but was fine, due to the fantastic technology in modern helmets. We joked, however, that due to his hairstyle, Sic had extra protection inside his AGV crash hat, and decided that he had something better than an airbag: a hairbag!

Marco's hairstyle adds extra protection!

Marco's hairstyle adds extra protection!

The above photo of Marco on track at the British GP at Silverstone will be offered to benefit Riders for Health when Simoncelli appears at the San Francisco Dainese store, Wednesday, July 21st. Check this for more details. The photograph is a 16×24″ gallery wrap, ready to hang on your wall, and just may bear Super Sic’s autograph. Please stop by to meet the man and his hair, and to support Riders for Health!

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  1. […] e metade em italiano, sobre a temporada seguinte. Os dois tinham apenas tratado Marco Simoncelli depois do seu acidente durante o teste pouco antes da abertura da temporada. Desde então, tenho […]

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