Gear Stories

PHOTO.GP Helmet: Finished!

The masking tape is long gone, the sand paper in the trash, the respirator hanging on the wall and the helmet vents restored. Another project from Magaro Paintings has been completed and I can’t wait until Valencia to see it in person for the first time. Related Images:

Product Review: Acratech GV2 Ball Head

For years I’ve been using the Manfrotto 488RC2 ball head with only one complaint: when used with a large lens, the single screw quick release plate tends to spin because it has insufficient strength to support that much weight. For landscape work the Manfrotto has been fine. It pans and holds all of my gear […]

Going Wide

A friend on Facebook just asked me for advice about wide angle lenses, and rather than relay what I know to another individual, I thought I’d post here for him and anyone else who’d like to hear my thoughts. My experience is based on having owned the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Nikkor Wide Angle […]

Canon to Nikon to Canon

The arrival of another child and the desire for photos without bringing a large DSLR and flash everywhere you find a newborn during the first week of her life meant that a point and shoot was needed in my camera bag. I’ve been watching a couple of models for a long time and finally picked […]

A Good Value?

When I switched from Canon to Nikon I had to replace not only my camera bodies and lenses, but all of the essential accessories, too. One of my most-used gadgets is a wired remote shutter release, and a friend had just raved about a third-party version that was only $10, compared to the $70 street […]

More Real Life Drobo

Here’s another bit of shared learning for my fellow Drobo users: Running out of space on my Drobo the other day, I decided to replace a 500GB drive with a 1TB drive (cheap at Fry’s, a Hitatchi 7200RPM 32MB Sata drive for less than $70, which reminded me how the service bureau I worked at […]

The Best Nikon Teleconverter Tip I Know

If you’re using any of Nikon’s current model teleconverters, either the TC-14E II (1.4x),, the TC-17E II (1.7x), or the TC-20E II (2.0x), you may already have run into this problem: the cap that protects the teleconverter’s female connector can get locked in that end such that it’s VERY difficult to remove. By some unfortunate […]

Sunset at the Sutro Baths

I just got a neutral density filter to play around with and tried it last night out at the Sutro Baths. It’s a B + W #110 ND filter, making a difference of nine stops, so long exposures are possible even in daylight and as the sun drops, you can leave the shutter open for […]

Mirrors Up!

A sharp photograph is the result of accurate focus and a still camera, and good technique in photography helps achieve both. Using a tripod is probably the biggest help to keeping your camera still, but sometimes you can do more. Shooting in Mirror Up mode can help make super sharp long exposures.

Be Ready for the Rain

The other day I commented that of the five Grand Prix rounds I’ve covered so far this season, it has rained at four of them, Qatar, Germany, the U.K., and Indianapolis. It rained at Donington last year, too, when the only wet weather gear I had was a parka and an umbrella. Fortunately I was […]